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Build and host applications using popular development frameworks

Catalyst AppSail is a fully-managed, independent, PaaS solution designed for quick and efficient building, hosting, deployment, and scaling of web apps, mobile apps, and diverse microservices. Migrating to Catalyst is a breeze, given the freedom provided by AppSail entities that can be engineered without any Catalyst-specific restrictions on the architecture.

Quickly build applications using well-known frameworks such as Spring, Spring Boot, Struts, Flask, Tornado, or Django in Java, Node.js, or Python. With Catalyst AppSail, you can effortlessly import your applications and deploy enterprise-ready solutions in minutes.

Key Features


Language of your choice

Build your applications in Java, Node.js, or Python using frameworks like Spring, Springboot, Django, or Struts.


Fully-managed infrastructure

Focus on business logic and improve developer productivity while we manage your infrastructure.


Auto-scale globally

Accommodate fluctuating application traffic by optimizing the available resources and scale accordingly.


Pay per usage

A pay-as-you-go billing model ensures that you pay only for your app's usage.


Enhanced application security

Whether it is patching OS automatically, renewing or maintaining the SSL certs and access rules, we ensure that you always stay on top of your application security.


Migrate in minutes

Migrate from any platform to a scalable cloud and innovate faster by building serverless APIs and microservices in AppSail.

What can be hosted on AppSail?

Frontend workflows
and websites

Use cases

  • Migrate legacy applications
  • Build modern web apps
  • Startup-friendly apps

Legacy modernization of apps

Server provisioning limitations can cause hindrance to companies that look out to scale their operations globally. Along with server maintenance, the overhead IT costs related to server provisioning, maintenance, and licensing can spiral if left unattended. AppSail allows you to seamlessly migrate an on-premise application to adopt a scalable application that has the best uptime without worrying about the server maintenance.

Leverage popular development frameworks

Build modern web application like cloud kitchen with zero server management and zero configuration deployments. Free up your developer's time to help them focus on writing code and business logic.

Start small and scale indefinitely

With minimal staff, crossing the development hurdle is a big challenge for startups with questions like finding a cloud platform to build web apps and mobile apps, hosting the app, managing the live traffic, platform scalability, and many more. Catalyst AppSail helps bridge these development hurdles since AppSail is a highly-scalable, fully-managed platform where we provide and manage infrastructure, operating systems, application runtime, and other dependencies.

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