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Build Serverless Mobile Apps that Scale with Catalyst

Catalyst can be used to build both Android and iOS Applications. Android SDK offers support for both of these development platforms for your Android apps Kotlin and Java.


  • Catalyst functions can be used to handle backend functionalities. These functions can be easily accessed from mobile apps, web apps, and other platforms.
  • Mobile Device Management enables you to host seamlessly, distribute, and manage Android and iOS mobile apps in Catalyst.
  • Catalyst Crashes provides real-time reports and analytics of crashes that occur in your Catalyst Android and iOS mobile applications.

Use cases

  • Use case 1: A mobile app that takes the user requests for products and is assigned to respective delivery executives using Push Notifications
  • Use case 2: Field service agent can sync their details to multiple SaaS platforms through a custom bespoke mobile application

Solution Architecture for building mobile apps on Catalyst

Example: To-do application

building mobile apps on Catalyst