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Every BaaS component you need, and more

Catalyst CloudScale gives you all the components you need to build, host, monitor, and scale your application, and more, while taking away the stress of setting up your backend infrastructure.

With closely knit components that work in coherence with one another, you can build your products at break-neck speed. Get you applications up and running in the shortest possible time.

You can access all the components of Catalyst CloudScale via

  •  The Catalyst Console
  •  ZCQL - Zoho Catalyst Query Language
  •  APIs and SDKs (Java, Node.js, and Python)
Empowering ML teams to fuel AI application development



Data Store

A simplified relational database solution from Catalyst.


File Store

An integrated file storage solution for all kind of files that your apps need.



An in-memory component to power dynamic apps with razor-fast storage and retrieval.


Query Console

Manage your data operations with ZCQL (Zoho Catalyst Query Language).



Search for what you need across indexed columns in Data Store.



User Authentication

Provide secure access to your applications' end-users.


API Gateway

Secure all the endpoints of your application.




Schedule your recurring functions and tasks with the help of Catalyst Cron.


Event Listeners

Newly added Zoho Event Listeners can listen to events from Zoho CRM, enabling you to create and trigger actions based on specific desired events.



Push Notifications

Easily create, test, and send push notifications to your web and iOS application users.



Send mass communication and transactional emails to your application's end-users in a scalable and secure manner.

Try QuickML

Create cutting-edge machine learning models for predictions and forecasting.

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Model Metrics

QuickML is an end-to-end ML platform to build, train, evaluate, deploy, and optimize ML models.


  • Sales Management
  • Portal application
  • Report Generation

Sales Commission Management

Automate and manage sales commission payments to your contractual sales personnel easily with CRM Event Listeners, DataStore, WebClient Hosting, and Authentication.

Gather data from your CRM application, calculate commission, make the payment, and update back to CRM.

Sales Commission Management

Student portal application

CloudScale gives you all the components you need to satisfy a wide range of requirements of a student portal application. You can host your front end on Web Client Hosting, while managing access to the portal with the help of Authentication. Components such as Data Store and File Store can be used to store student profiles, data, records, and corresponding files.

You could also take advantage of Push Notifications and Emails to notify your students regarding workshops, seminars, tests, assignments, and more.

Student portal application

Daily sales report generation

If you run an ecommerce store you would want to be on top of the everyday sales numbers. Combining components of CloudScale and SmartBrowz, you can ensure you get periodic reports of your sales numbers mailed to your inbox at a fixed time every day.

You can fetch the sales data from Data Store, schedule a Cron function to generate reports every morning, utilize the PDF generation capabilities of SmartBrowz to generate a report, and send it to the concerned vendor's inbox with Email Notifications.

Daily sales report generation

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