Simplify complex workflows with Circuits

Catalyst Circuits will simplify the tasks and automate functions execution in the required sequential or parallel manner by eliminating all complexities. Circuits provides the ultimate sophistication of absolute simplicity in coding, by breaking down and executing massively complex workflows in an automated and sequential manner.

You can access all the components of Circuits via


The Catalyst Console.


APIs and SDKs(Java, Node js, and Python).

Key features


Simplified User Experience

The workflow design of Catalyst Circuits contains various components that can help you orchestrate the logic and data flow in your application.You can reorganize or swap states, rearrange the steps, provide different inputs, and perform tests for different conditions to achieve desired outcomes.


Seamless Flow

Circuits offers seamless experience of execution of functions by automating application logic in sequential workflows. You can orchestrate and execute applications in your preferred order.


Less code. More convenience

Repetitive tasks involved in retries, sequential tasks, parallel tasks, and timeouts can be offloaded using Catalyst Circuits. A great deal of time and effort can be saved by assigning repeatable actions in Circuits and automated, according to the application logic.


Ease of Management

Individual components of the application logic can be combined and multiple tasks in Catalyst can be managed simultaneously.

Use cases

Circuits for an online store

Consider an online retail store. When the user makes a purchase, Catalyst Circuits will be triggered. The items purchased will be fetched along with amount details and this will be automatically logged in to CRM. The workflow will be such that an invoice will be generated for a successful purchase. If the purchase fails, the Circuits can be triggered to execute the task again after a few minutes. This is a classic case of Catalyst Circuits responding to timeouts and errors, by retrying a failed task.