No provisioning, no maintenance

Catalyst Data Store is a Serverless Relational Database system that stores the data for all your cloud-based applications. Store, retrieve, and manage any data consignment for your serverless application without having to worry about provisioning the database. All you have to do is sign up and start building your application on Catalyst.

While you build your application on Catalyst, leave it to Data Store to manage your data. Catalyst Data Store also works with APIs and Catalyst's SDKs, thus enabling you to process HTTP requests from the application.

Catalyst Data Store makes it easy for you to manage your Relational Database easily via


The Catalyst Console.


ZCQL - Zoho Catalyst Query Language.


APIs and SDKs.

Key features


Easy Data Manipulation

The Data Store enables you to perform data manipulations such as adding new tables, adding and modifying records, defining field characteristics, and deleting The Zoho Catalyst Query Language (ZCQL) enables complete control over data processing, you can execute queries in ZCQL to manage the data operations.


Simplified DB Administration

You can build and run applications on Catalyst without having to provision separately. Once you start using Data Store on Catalyst, we’ll take care of the entire database administration while you focus on creating powerful cloud based applications.


Set Access Permissions

You can set scopes and permissions for each table in the Data Store. They define the availability of the table's data and the levels of access granted to This allows you to restrict access to sensitive data and ensure that only authorized users can view or


Search and Metrics

Catalyst Search enables you to perform search operations across indexed columns and Metrics display the Table Count and Row count history. This makes it easy for you to stay on top of your usage and take quick looks at required data.



Education Platform

An education platform uses the Data Store to store student progress data, such as grades and course completion rates. The platform administrator can easily add new courses, modify existing ones, and view student progress data using the Data Store's interface.


E-commerce Store

An e-commerce store uses the Data Store to store customer and order data securely in the cloud. The store owner can easily add new products, modify existing ones, and view customer order histories using the Data Store's easy-to-use interface.