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Algolia is a hosted search engine that offers an extensive search solution which can be leveraged to provide searching capabilities in your Catalyst application.

Algolia provides a wide range of API clients and SDK packages that can be used to search, monitor, crawl and manage your application’s data in its servers. Algolia offers support to over 11 programming languages and multiple on-demand frameworks. We have implemented our Catalyst Algolia CodeLib solution in JavaScript. You will need an Algolia account to use the functionalities of this CodeLib solution. Please sign up for an Algolia account from here before you get started.

Note: Before installing any Catalyst CodeLib solution, please make sure to login to the Catalyst CLI using your Catalyst account by following the steps mentioned in here.

The Algolia Search Integration CodeLib solution is implemented using Algolia's SDK package, which allows you to send Catalyst application's data from Catalyst Data Store to Algolia's servers, where the data is indexed and stored. When you perform a search in your application, Algolia executes a search operation in the copy of data sent to its servers and sends the relevant search responses back to your application. We achieve this using Catalyst Event Listeners and serverless functions.

To get a detailed understanding of the CodeLib solution's working, refer to the README file in this Git repository that contains the source code of the Algolia Search Integration CodeLib solution.

The Catalyst resources listed below are pre-configured and will be auto-populated in your current project upon the installation of the Algolia Search Integration CodeLib solution. To know more about the usage of each of the components included in the CodeLib solution please refer to this README file.