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When you need to connect your Catalyst application with an external database, the Database Connector CodeLib solution is a quick and feasible solution to establish an effective connection. This CodeLib solution helps to initiate the connection and access an external database management system either using MySQL or PSQL query languages. You can execute a MySQL or PSQL query from your Catalyst application to the external database, and access the data resources from it.

Note: Before installing any Catalyst CodeLib solution, please make sure to login to the Catalyst CLI using your Catalyst account by following the steps mentioned in here.

Install the CodeLib solution using the Catalyst CLI and proceed to configure the functions component. Establish connection with the database and execute a query.

Note: To get a detailed understanding of the CodeLib solution's working, refer to the README file in this Git repository that contains the source code of the Database Connector CodeLib solution.

The Catalyst resources listed below are pre-configured and will be auto-populated in your current project upon the installation of the Zoho CRM Bulk Import CodeLib solution. To know more about the usage of each of the components included in the CodeLib solution refer to this README file.