What you get

Free Catalyst account

Your Catalyst account includes access to 20+ free Catalyst components with the Free Tier, including our cutting-edge AI and ML service. Explore our wide range of pre-packaged solutions called Catalyst CodeLib to augment your existing app capabilities with features that you can plug and play instantly. Beyond the free tier, you'll only pay for what you use.

USD 250 cloud credit

New customers get USD 250 worth free credits upon exhausting your Free Tier using which you can continue to build and deploy pro-code solutions. Try any Catalyst component with this credit, available for six months. We enable global innovation by facilitating developers and businesses to build and test your solutions for free with Catalyst cloud credits.

Save costs by deleting unused projects

Starting January 1, 2024, if a project exceeds the free tier limits in an account, a minimum billing of $5 per project per month will apply to cover backend provisioning and management. To avoid incurring this minimum charge, we recommend deleting unused projects. Additionally, there are no upfront commitments, and you can cancel anytime.

Get started at no cost with Catalyst Free Tier

Use all of the below components for free every month –subject only to the free usage limits mentioned below. The free usage limit does not expire but is subject to change.

  • AI/ML
  • Serverless
  • Backend



100 APIs free per month.


Model Prediction: 500 calls free per month

Model Storage: 1GB free per month

Model Training: Free CPU limit = 1800 vCPU seconds, Free Memory = 1800 GB-seconds


1000 messages free per month.



Headless: 5 hours free per month.

PDF Conversions: 50 PDFs free per month.

Web client hosting

300,000 requests free per month

API Gateway

100,000 APIs free per month.

Data Store

Storage: 2GB free per month

Select: 10000 requests free per month.

Update: 1000 requests free per month.

Insert: 5000 requests free per month.

Delete: 1000 requests free per month.

File Store

Storage: 5GB free per month.

Download: 10000 requests free per month.

Upload: 2000 requests free per month.


GET: 1000 requests free per month.

PUT: 5000 requests free per month.

UPDATE: 5000 requests free per month.


100 emails free per month.

Push Notification

500 notifications free per month.

Search as a service

1000 queries free per month.


5000 requests free per month.

Automation Testing

100 test cases free per month.

Application Alerts

100 alerts free per month.

We currently offer a Catalyst subscription plan also. For more information, feel free to contact support@zohocatalyst.com

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Catalyst Free Tier?

Catalyst Free Tier helps you get started quickly with the least amount of hassle. Since the Free Tier keeps renewing every month, the tier is available for an unlimited period of time.

Is Catalyst Free Tier available in all countries?

Catalyst Free Tier is available to use for anyone accessing Catalyst from any country with DC support in US, IN, AU, or EU.

Who is eligible for Catalyst Free Tier?

The Catalyst Free Tier is available for every Catalyst user; both new and existing users. The usage limit for each component is the same for all new and existing Catalyst users.

Do I need to provide credit or debit card information when I sign up to Catalyst Free Tier?

No, you don't need to provide your card details to sign up to Catalyst Free Tier. Once you exhaust your Free Tier, and would like to proceed further then you may want to add your credit or debit card details.

When will I get charged? Will I get notified before it happens?

You'll be notified if your monthly usage at an account level in Free Tier crosses 90% for any Catalyst component. Once any component usage crosses the specified limit in Free Tier, a minimum billing of $5 per project will be charged, after which a pay-as-you-go pricing model kicks in. You could look out for the notification in your Catalyst console at an account-level.

What happens once the free tier is exhausted?

Once the free tier is exhausted, you'll be taken to a pay-as-you-go pricing model. If you would like to take up a subscription based pricing model instead, please write to support@zohocatalyst.com.

How can I estimate the costs once the free tier expires?

You could use the pricing calculator to estimate the cost of Catalyst services and components

What payment methods does Catalyst accept?

We support all the payment methods supported in Zoho.

What kind of support do I get with my free tier account?

All Catalyst users including the Free Tier users have access to our support team through support@zohocatalyst.com All accounts have unlimited support for billing-related issues, account-related issues, technical (troubleshooting) questions, and incident reports.

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