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  • Getting Started

    Learn about the basics of Zoho Catalyst, such as working with the web console and installing the Catalyst CLI, and get started with creating your first project.

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  • Component Help

    Explore the features and functionalities of Zoho Catalyst's components in depth, and learn about working with them using the Catalyst console.

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  • CLI Documentation

    Explore the various tools that Zoho Catalyst CLI offers and learn about the activities you can perform with it.

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  • SDK Documentation

    Learn about the development tools and platforms available in Zoho Catalyst that enable you to build your applications seamlessly.

    Java | Node.jsWeb | Android | iOS 
  • API Documentation

    Explore the methods and classes of Zoho Catalyst SDK in detail and learn how to implement them in your application building process.

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  • Deployment and Billing

    Learn about deploying your application to the Production environment, using the Development and Production environments, setting up Catalyst payments, and managing Billing.

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  • Tutorials

    Practice working with the Catalyst console and the SDK components, and get a hands-on experience in developing applications and microservices.

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  • Release Notes

    Stay updated with the latest news on feature releases, enhancements, bug fixes, and more in the Catalyst product, CLI, and SDK components.

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  • FAQ

    Browse through the frequently asked questions and find solutions to common queries and challenges

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