Request Format

Request Methods

Catalyst API follows the REST standards and supports the following HTTP methods for client requests for the described purposes:

  • GET: To fetch records from a Catalyst resource
  • POST: To insert new records in a Catalyst resource
  • PUT: To update existing records in a Catalyst resource
  • DELETE: To delete existing records in a Catalyst resource

The API requests are sent in the CURL format.

Request URL

A typical request URL is of the format:{project_id}/{resource_name}/{additional_resource_details}

Note: The base API URL will be for users accessing from the EU data center, and for users accessing from the IN data center.

The common parameters passed in the request URL include the Project ID of the Catalyst project and the resource ID of the specific resource instance that is being accessed.

Mandatory headers passed in the CURL request include the following:

  • Request method
  • Authorization header: OAuth token i.e., the access_token

Based on the purpose of the request, you can pass additional data in the body of the request in an API call, such as the column name and value for updating the column of a table, or the folder name for creating a folder.

The particulars of the request to be sent, such as the headers and JSON attributes to be passed in the request, are specified in each API help page for the specific request.

Sample API Request

				curl "“ 
-d ‘{“cache_name”:”City”,”cache_value”:”London”}’
-H “Content-Type:application/json" 
-H “Authorization: Zoho-oauthtoken 1000.910***************************16.2f****************************57"