Download Bulk Write Result


You can execute this API to download the result of a successful bulk write job that you initiated. This URL will also be sent in JSON response for the success state.

The downloaded CSV file will contain the details of the job execution. It will list all the records that were skipped from being written along with the reasons.

Note: The download URL will be valid for 1 day since its generation. The link will expire after that time period, and you will not be able to obtain the CSV result file containing the job details.

Request URL{project_id}/bulk/write/{job_id}/download

project_id - The unique ID of the project

job_id - The unique ID of the job that was sent in the initial in-progress status response after the Bulk Write API was executed

Request Method

Authorization: Zoho-oauthtoken 1000.910***************************16.2f****************************57

Request Method




Response Details

The bulk write result file will be automatically downloaded to the configured directory in your system after you execute this API.

File format: ZIP file containing the CSV result file

Sample result file showing the details of a bulk write job:

Sample Request

				curl -X GET \  \
-H "Authorization: Zoho-oauthtoken 1000.910***************************16.2f****************************57"