CLI Command Reference

Command Reference

You must have Catalyst CLI installed in your system to access the Catalyst commands. Refer to the Installing Catalyst CLI help page for the steps.


Command SyntaxUsage
-v | --versionPrint the Catalyst CLI version number
-p | --project <name_or_project_id>Specify the Catalyst project to be used for a command
--token <token>Supply an authentication token for a command
--dc <us|eu|in>Supply a data center for a command
--verboseChange the log level to verbose for debugging purposes
-h | --helpDisplay help for a Catalyst command


Command SyntaxUsage
login [options]Log the CLI in to your Catalyst account
whoamiPrint the email address of the user currently logged in
token:generate [options]Generate a token to authenticate accessing the CLI from a remote system
token:listList all the available tokens generated in this CLI
token:revoke <id>Revoke a token generated in this CLI
init [feature] [options]Initialize a Catalyst project, function, and client resources in the local directory
project:listList all the Catalyst projects you have access to
project:use [name_or_project_id] Set an active Catalyst project for your working directory
project:resetClear an active project selection and reset to the base project
pull [feature]Pull resources of your project from the remote console to the local directory
iac:export [options]Export a project's code and configurations as a ZIP file
iac:import [options][file_path]Import a project's ZIP file and create a new project in the console
iac:pack [zip_name]Generate an import-ready ZIP file of a project in the standard format
iac:status [options]<operation>Obtain the current status of a scheduled import or export job
ds:import [~CSV_file_path] [options]Bulk write records to a table in the Catalyst Data Store
ds:export [options]Bulk read records from a table in the Catalyst Data Store
ds:status <operation> [job_id] [options]Display the job status of a Data Store import or export operation
apig:enableEnable API Gateway for your project
apig:disableDisable API Gateway for your project
apig:status [options]Obtain the current status of API Gateway for your project and the schedule progress
client:setupSet up and configure the client directory in your project directory
client:delete [client_version] [options]Delete a version of the client from the remote console or the local directory
functions:setupSet up and configure the function directory in your project directory
functions:addAdd a function of the required stack to the function directory
functions:config [function_name_or_id] [options] Perform advanced configurations such as memory allocation on a function in your project
functions:shell [options]Launch a node shell to test emulated functions of any stack or type, other than Advanced I/O functions
functions:delete [function_name_or_id] [options]Delete a function from the remote console or the local directory
event:generate | generate:event <source> <action> [options]Generate sample payloads from different components or custom event sources to test Event functions
event:generate:integ <service> [options]Generate sample payloads for the required integration service to test Integration functions
serve [options]Serve Basic I/O and Advanced I/O functions, and the client, to test them locally
deploy [options]Deploy the Catalyst project and project resources to the remote console from the local directory
run-script | run [command]Run a particular command script defined in catalyst.json
help [command]Display the command reference or help for a specific command
logoutLog the CLI out of your Catalyst account

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