Android File Storage App

Build an Android file storage mobile app using Android Studio, and associate it with a Catalyst project using Catalyst Android SDK to store files securely in the project's File Store

Configure Values in the Source Code

Before you customize the build scripts for the application, you must configure certain project-specific values in the source code.

The folder that has been associated with the app is referred to in the source files by its unique Folder ID. You must configure the value of your project's Folder ID in the code that you downloaded from the Git repo in the previous step.

  1. Open the File Store of the ZCDrive project in the Catalyst remote console. The File Store will display the Files folder that you created earlier.
  2. Copy the Folder ID of the Files folder from the File Store.
  3. Next, open the ZCDrive project in the Android Studio. You must paste this Folder ID in the following Kotlin files present in ZCDrive > app > src > main > java > com > catalyst > zcdrive directory, in the specified lines:
    File NameLine Number

You must save the changes made. If your project's Gradle prompts for a project sync, synchronize the files with the build.

The source files are now fully configured. We can now proceed to configure the build scripts for the app.