Android File Storage App

Build an Android file storage mobile app using Android Studio, and associate it with a Catalyst project using Catalyst Android SDK to store files securely in the project's File Store

Import the Configuration file in your Android Project

You must now add the configuration file you downloaded from the console to the app's source code.

You must create a new directory called assets in the app module in the ZCDrive project's structure, and add the file in it as described below:

  1. Navigate to the ZCDrive project in the Android Studio. Select app from the directory, then right-click it. Select New > Directory.
  2. Type "src/main/assets", then press Enter.

    Alternatively, you can create this directory in the specified path through your system's file manager directly.
  3. Copy the file that was downloaded. Now, right-click the assets directory that was created in Android Studio, then click Paste to paste the file. Confirm the action, if prompted.

    You can also locate the Android project in your system's storage, then navigate to ZCDrive > app > src > main > assets, and paste the file there directly.
  4. You will see the file added to the assets directory in Android Studio after the changes are reflected.