How do Functions Work?

Catalyst allows developers to write functions in the most popular programming languages like Java and node.js. Using Catalyst Functions, you can initialize functions from the local environment using Catalyst CLI, or upload them directly on the remote Catalyst console. You can perform various tasks using Catalyst functions such as compute, build, and integrate REST APIs, schedule tasks, and respond to changes in other Catalyst services.

Key features


Automated Scaling

Catalyst offers intensive scaling when the number of requests increases. This happens automatically, so you don’t have to worry about the server capacity for the spike in requests.


Zero Server Management

You can focus on building great applications for various business logic while we run the servers for you, take care of server configuration, credentials management, and provisioning, and handle decommissioning of old servers.


Pay as you use

Serverless Functions are similar to using data. You only pay for the compute time. Unlike traditional IaaS and PaaS, there is no need to pay month-to-month for the entire service.

Types of Functions

Create five types of server-side Functions in Catalyst in Java and Node.js programming environments.


Basic I/O Functions

Perform simple input and output operations, computations and HTTP operations using the Basic I/O Functions.


Advanced I/ O Functions

Perform quick and advanced functionalities, such as routing, streaming, and parsing huge data using the Advanced I/O Functions.


Event Functions

Create Event Functions and Event Listeners to perform tasks associated with specific events.


Cron Functions

Perform periodic functions to enable scheduled tasks that are invoked at specific time intervals.


Integration Functions

Use Integration Functions to establish integrations with other existing Zoho services. Make your Catalyst functions as a backend

Case study


Catalyst helped ConstructionBOS speed up time to market with a microservice on Catalyst. By helping to automate the construction data periodically in Zoho CRM, Catalyst helped to drive real-time data collection and easy access from anywhere, anytime for sales teams to follow up with their customers. Catalyst Functions helped to update data at regular periodic intervals in the microservice in a seamless manner.

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