What can you do with Catalyst by Zoho?

Use Catalyst to build any type of full-stack application. Here are just a few examples of what you can do with Catalyst by Zoho.

Serverless web applications

Build powerful serverless web applications by crafting backend logic, and using functions, data stores, and various other Catalyst components. Then host them securely over HTTPs using Catalyst web hosting.

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Example: To-do application

Web applications

Data processing

Create powerful data processing applications, like data migration, cleansing, ETL operations, thumbnail generation, and much more, using event-driven functions.

Example 1 : Data migration from a legacy database to Zoho CRM

Data processing CRM

Example 2 : Image thumbnail generation

Image thumbnail generation

Scheduled tasks

Execute functions, microservices, and data processing jobs using Catalyst's scheduler, to handle time-sensitive and periodic tasks for your applications.

Example: Generating weekly stats

Scheduled tasks

Serverless APIs

Expose backend logic to first-party and third-party applications securely using well-defined REST API endpoints. Improve security and throttle your APIs using the Catalyst API gateway.

Example: Exposing REST API for fetching most-commented posts on your serverless social application


Intelligent AI solutions

Add intelligence to your application using our extensive set of artificial intelligence and data science toolsets powered by Zia, Zoho's AI assistant.

Example: Smart tagging photos using object detection

Intelligent AI solutions

Mobile Applications

Allow mobile developers to easily access backend datasources using native SDKs, and offload intensive compute tasks to the backend using functions. Sign up and track users securely, gather usage data, and debug crashes on mobile devices using mobile analytics, and keep your users informed using push notifications.

Example: To-do application

Mobile applications

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