Why choose Catalyst?

Catalyst is a full-stack application development platform to build, test, host, deploy, and optimize your applications with complete privacy over the tech stack. Build interactive conversational NLP chatbots, ML-powered and RESTful APIs for mobile applications; perform extract, transform, and load (ETL) tasks while processing bulk data; and automate your tasks with a headless browser.


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Why Catalyst is the right choice

With Catalyst, you get to leverage Zoho’s extensive experience and expertise in cloud infrastructure and technology capabilities that power our  + products serving  + million users. We’ve built the entire stack in-house—from our own data centers and servers to high-level services like authentication, machine learning, and browser automation.

Our simplified pricing, effortless database provisioning and unified console make Catalyst the easiest platform to quickly build and deploy apps that auto-scale on low-cost and next-gen cloud infrastructure. Here are some more reasons that make Catalyst the best choice for your projects:

  • Pre-built Microservices

    Slash your time to deployment by leveraging the power of pre-built microservices for operations like Authentication, OCR, Stripe payment integration, Zoho CRM bulk import, and many more.

  • Transparent, Uncomplicated Pricing

    Catalyst by Zoho has a simple, transparent pricing unlike other cloud providers where read-write units have to be pre-provisioned. With Catalyst, DB operations are as simple as API calls, and resource requests are the main marker for pricing. Also, you pay nothing till you deploy to production.

  • Advanced AI Operations as APIs

    The Catalyst Zia Suite contains powerful APIs that can be used for smart applications. These APIs are from years of research and are used by Zoho products as well. Besides you can build prediction engines or NLP-powered chatbots quickly without any ML expertise.

  • Complete Ownership of Tech Stack: Powered by Zoho's infrastructure

    Unlike other providers, Catalyst's tech stack is completely owned by Zoho. This means that the Zoho's promise of privacy extends to Catalyst as well. With Catalyst, your application will run on the reliable infrastructure that powers 55+ Zoho applications. Applications built on top of Zoho Catalyst are robust, secure, scalable, and highly reliable.


“With Catalyst, we were able to serve our customers better by getting new services to them faster. Building the microservice on Catalyst was easy! We never had to deal with infrastructure management. We just wrote a code and deployed it.”

—Craig Mulcahy, CEO

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