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Powerful AI services with simple implementation

Easily integrate AI services into your existing application code base, enabling you to implement advanced AI/ML capabilities into your application with minimal effort. All you need to do is implement SDK code templates in your application’s codebase or access the respective API endpoints.

Powerful AI services with simple implementation



Face Analytics

Implement Face Analytics component for facial detection in images, as well as advanced computational analysis on the detected faces.


OCR Optical Character Recognition

Integrate Zia OCR component in your app for detection and recognition of textual content from images and documents.


Identity Scanner

Perform secure identity checks on individuals, and validate proof of ID and documents using Identity Scanner. Equip your application with E-KYC and document processing capabilities with the help of this component.


Image Moderation

Facilitate image moderation by adding this ready-to-implement component in your application. This can ensure that the user-generated content in your application adheres to the required standards and guidelines.


Object Recognition

Implement the Object Recognition component in your application if you require it to recognize, identify, and categorize individual objects in images.


Barcode Scanner

Integrate a barcode scanner in your application to equip your end users with the ability to scan universal barcodes and extract the encoded information.


Auto ML

Automate end-to-end trainings of ML models. With Auto ML even non-experts can quickly build and trail production-ready ML models and implement it in your application in minutes.


Text Analytics

Integrate Text Analytics in your app and perform sentiment analysis, NER, and keyword extraction in texts.

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OCR Image moderation Object Detection

Use cases

  • Parking management
  • Content moderation
  • Inventory management

Parking management for employees

With the help of components like Object Detection and OCR from ZiaServices, you can create a smart parking management system that can detect the vehicles, identify the vehicle numbers, and allot a parking slot to your employee based on availability.

Parking management for employees

Social media content moderation

Manual content moderation on a social media application is next to impossible, but with AI-powered components such as Text Analytics and Object Detection, you can ensure that your social media application or platform stays free from unwanted and unsafe content.

While Object Detection identifies unsafe images, Text Analytics can help you identify the sentiment and nature of text content, thus helping you decide whether a post needs to be taken down or not.

Social media content moderation

Store inventory management

Managing inventory in a store that handles a wide range of products in large quantities is a daunting task. With components such as Barcode Scanner and OCR, you can extract information such as the name of the product, when its manufactured, and expiry date.

This can ensure that you stay on top of the products available in your inventory, and remove any expired goods from the store on time.

Store inventory management

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