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Build Serverless Web Applications with Catalyst

Build powerful serverless web applications by crafting backend logic, and using functions, data stores, and various other Catalyst components. Host them securely over https using Catalyst web hosting.


  • End-to-end hosting for web applications from backend services like Data Store, File Store, and Cache to frontend hosting for web applications using Web Client Hosting.
  • With the Domain Name mapping, you can map your web application to a custom domain URL.
  • Catalyst also allows you to version the Web Client and retain the latest updates in production.

Use cases

  • Use case 1: A web application to process images and submit them for evaluation in a photography contest
  • Use case 2: Your personal profile page to exhibit your skills

Solution Architecture for Building Serverless Web Applications with Catalyst

Building Serverless Web Applications

Case study

How KDG built business-critical application using Catalyst

“Catalyst helped KDG save money that would have been spent on server management, security, and app execution by running the entire application on Catalyst. The cron-driven application hosted on Catalyst is absolutely seamless and we love the relational database feature, which strengthened our data management in the app.”

Kyle David, CEO - KDG

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