BuildHr creates cloud-based evaluation portal for global candidates using Catalyst


“We were able use the Catalyst to build quickly and deploy a cloud-based job evaluation portal that has greatly improved the reach of our solution among the job seeking community. We’re highly impressed with the technical support offered by the Catalyst team, and the robustness of the platform that’s housing our crucial application. We outgrew what the server world offered to, us and it was the right time for us to switch over to a provider like Catalyst.”

NJ Lakshmi Narayan, Founder and CEO - BuildHr


    The company

    BuildHr is a strategic HR management consulting firm based in India. BuildHr specializes in institutionalizing the entire performance management process, and supports human resources to design, build, and implement robust HR practices. BuildHr believes that real value can be delivered only by gaining deep insights into a client company’s unique product market situation and internal reality. Such insights are possible only if the relationship with the client is long term, and trust is built over time.


    The challenge

    To help companies make informed hiring decisions faster, and to help students and candidates break geographical barriers associated with the pen-and-paper era of assessments, BuildHr wanted an application that could be accessed from anywhere across the globe. There are many pre-employment testing solutions available on the market, but BuildHr wanted to create its own cloud-based application to offer an easy-to-access environment for applicants to get themselves evaluated for jobs.

The solution

In order to empower candidates to take the test from anywhere, at any time, an online evaluation application was built and hosted using Catalyst. The solution consists of two parts: a login portal for the candidate to take the test, and an admin console for the HR team from BuildHr to manage the assessment and student profiles.


    Student login

    BuildHr lets candidates sign up for an evaluation test and take it through an email notification. The test is customized based on each applicant’s qualifications. Once the student signs up and enters the evaluation portal, all the basic details, like name, qualification, age, and more, are captured. This lets the application decide on the type of questions to ask during the evaluation, candidates are not allowed to switch tabs or screens, and the evaluation is timed. Once the candidate clears the test, a downloadable PDF certificate is provided immediately. Otherwise, the candidate is expected to retake the test. All these functionalities of the application are handled by the advanced I/O functions in Catalyst.


    Admin login

    The admin console is used by HR staff and evaluators at BuildHr to perform tasks such as setting the stage for evaluations, adding questions to the console, and managing applicant details. The HR professionals associated with the company can log in from anywhere and make necessary edits and additions, as well as manage the entire process on the cloud, using this serverless application.

Catalyst components used

  • Catalyst functions
  • User authentication
  • Data store
  • File store
  • Web Client Hosting

Catalyst functions

Catalyst’s scalable advanced functions unlocked the power of modularization for BuildHr—it enabled them to create reusable functions that could be triggered from any process. Advanced I/O functions were also used for executing backend operations like serving questions, adding assessments to the portal, and managing the user profiles.


User authentication

The sign-in feature of the user authentication component was used to permit HR admins to log in to the portal. The feature makes sure that only authenticated users have access to crucial data.


Data store

The data storage component plays an important role in this data-heavy application, by storing and managing candidate data, questions, and assessments on the platform. The tables option in the data store module was used to define and build the data routine.


File store

File store folders were used to save evaluation certificates, profile pictures of applicants, and diagrams uploaded by candidates for evaluation. The advanced folder-level permission system enabled them to allow authorized access only.


Web Client Hosting

The entire application is hosted using the Catalyst serverless platform. The application can be accessed and viewed from anywhere across the globe.

The benefits and ROI

  • BuildHr was able to create a reliable and effective online test portal to reach more students and candidates than ever before. The company was able to open up to students across the globe, as it's available online. This has given the firm an opportunity to reach out to more candidates and employers.

  • As a result, BuildHr's online quiz portal has helped many job seekers strengthen their resumes by taking evaluations that are seamless and prompt, while making it easy for their team to manage everything on the backend and focus on areas for growth and expansion.

  • The platform has given BuildHr an edge over its competition by allowing them to serve users across in the world. Because Catalyst servers are available globally, the firm now has an impressive geographical reach.

  • Catalyst also offers quick and responsive tech support to BuildHr, which helped expedite delivery of the solution. Lastly, the Catalyst platform is less complex, with a straightforward architecture and closely integrated components, like data store, file store, and user authentication, which play a critical role in BuildHr's data-rich application.

  • All of this combined means that they were able to deliver a solution that not only expanded their business massively, but deliver it quickly enough to begin helping their users promptly and delivering a smooth experience throughout.

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