Livpure empowers customers and streamlines operations through real-time product tracking

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“Catalyst integration enabled Livpure customers to obtain valuable real-time information about their products’ estimated delivery times. The delivery date range is displayed on the web page within three seconds of clicking on the ‘Check Availability’ button.”

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The company - Livpure

With over 1 million happy customers, Livpure is one of the leading manufacturers in India. With over 10 years of research and customer satisfaction, Livpure operates in multiple categories under two business verticals–home appliances and sleep and wellness. Among the highly-diversified SAR group, Livpure sells water purifiers, appliances, water purifiers on subscription, mattresses, and smart home solutions.

  • The challenge

    Livpure is on a mission to build a safer environment for future generations, with the core focus on water treatment and complete water management solutions. To get closer to their customers, Livpure started selling their water purifiers, air conditioners, mattresses, and home furnishings online through its website and e-commerce platforms. For a better customer experience, their product pages displayed the delivery time based on the customer’s pin code from the warehouse. For improving the delivery times to customers, Livpure expanded to multiple locations across India. As a result, there rose a need to display more accurate delivery times to customers by dynamically calculating them from the nearest possible location.

    To achieve this goal and make the shopping experience as pleasant as possible, Livpure needed to calculate the lead time based on the customer’s delivery pincode and nearest warehouse. The dynamic response had to be updated based on information like stock availability at each warehouse and distance from the customers’ addresses.

    Livpure reached out to Extensions Technologies Pvt Ltd, a privately-owned SaaS-based ERP and CRM support and services company—who is also a Zoho Partner—to meet the challenge. Extension ERP wanted an easy-to-use solution that could be implemented quickly. Most of all, they wanted a solution that fit into the existing website, order management system (OMS), and warehouse management system (WMS) architecture.


The solution : Catalyst unifies
communication across the Livpure portal

With a clear vision for where they needed to go, Extension ERP picked and trusted Catalyst by Zoho as an all-in-one solution that could tackle the challenges faced and fit into their ecosystem. Livpure added a workflow that ensures the shipment will be allocated to the nearest warehouse. The powerful API gateway in Catalyst helped seamlessly integrate the existing website backend, OMS, and WMS in Catalyst.


Components of the project workflow

The Catalyst integration enabled Livpure customers to obtain valuable real-time information about their products. The delivery date range for both online and COD orders is displayed on the web page within three seconds of clicking on the “Check Availability” button. The project’s workflow includes:


    Real-time information is displayed to the customer on the web page with the backend of the website integrated with Catalyst.


    Catalyst Data Store helps provide estimated delivery dates.


    The OMS manages the product and warehouse details of Livpure. The OMS was integrated with Catalyst to fetch details about available products in the warehouses and to check if the product is available at the nearest warehouse.


    A serviceable location can be obtained to provide a clear response on the product shipping time with the freight and logistics partner integration. As the logistics partner serviceable pin code is dynamic, the Catalyst integration updates the delivery database every 24 hours.

Benefits and ROI

Livpure improved its customer fulfillment experience by communicating the estimated delivery data as precisely as possible through pin code-based identification of the nearest warehouse and serviceable areas. Now, customers are happy as the shipping delays and delivery disappointments have been reduced drastically.

Catalyst features Livpure found helpful:

  • API Gateway
  • Functions
  • Data Store

API Gateway

Facilitated the easy integration with all the existing architecture.



Searches the complete database and selects the minimum number of days taken from all the warehouses present to all serviceable pin codes.


Data Store

Stores the number of days taken from all warehouses to all the serviceable pin codes.

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