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  • It's winter! Almost Christmas night, and
  • Santa's frisky reindeer are out of sight!
  • He's searched high and low
  • Just can't fathom where they could go.
Catalyst Holiday Santa

Follow the clues to find Santa's lost reindeer Win a surprise and spread some holiday cheer!

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Catalyst Holiday open book

You found Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph

Catalyst Holiday Answer

You can't find Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph

Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph
Question FourHINT

I am an add-on service in Catalyst who helps you understand the performance of your compute.

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What's the clue number four? Find out by knocking on this door.

You found Comet and Cupid

Catalyst Holiday Answer

You can't find Comet and Cupid

Comet and Cupid
Question ThreeHINT

I'm a serverless relational database and my name rhymes with chore

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Decode the clue number three, To spot the reindeer before they flee.

You found Prancer and Vixen

Catalyst Holiday Answer

You can't find Prancer and Vixen

Prancer and Vixen
Question TwoHINT

I was born in October 2021 and I help send alerts for events occurring in Cron, Event Listeners, or Logs

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Unlock the clue number two, And see what it's asking you to do.

You found Dasher and Dancer

Catalyst Holiday Answer

You can't find Dasher and Dancer

Dasher Dancer
Question OneHINT

I help you orchestrate workflows easily

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If you’re ready for some Christmas fun, Click here to find your clue number one!

Holiday Santa

Yaayy! You found the reindeer and solved every clue. You've earned a personalized message from Santa and a surprise too!

Congratulations! you just won the Catalyst Holiday Quiz! We've mailed the details to you.
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