The Simplest Serverless Platform

Catalyst by Zoho is a highly scalable serverless platform that lets developers build and deploy world-class solutions without managing servers. Even better, you pay nothing till you deploy the project to production. Get a free, full-featured sandbox and upto 125 million free invocations*.

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"Zoho Catalyst proved to be a strong tool to use in order to quickly develop and concept applications. The deployment process is well thought out, with separate sandboxes for development and production, and the relational datastore is a cut above the competition."

kyle david

Kyle David

President & CEO, KDG

The complete serverless computing platform

Catalyst by Zoho provides a variety of components that help you ship high-quality serverless solutions fast.

Compute & Orchestrate



Run code without managing servers. Debug locally and deploy at scale.

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Design workflows and orchestrate functions for resilient business-critical tasks.



Relational Datastore

Store and serve large volumes of relational data. Secure your data with our fine-grain data store access controls.


File Store

Store and retrieve images, documents, and other files at blazing speed.




Train large datasets of structured data to create accurate prediction models.



Scan and digitize paper documents, receipts, and any other image with our powerful optical character recognition API.



User Authentication

Authenticate users securely with a variety of sign-in options to secure your application.


Push Notifications

Drive user engagement on web and mobile with push notifications.

Turn ideas into innovation

You can create almost anything with Catalyst. Here are some common serverless solutions you can build

  • Microservices
  • Data Processing
  • Serverless APIs
  • Serverless Web Applications
  • AI Solutions
  • Mobile Applications


Build modular, autonomous, and independent software components, to put your development on the fast track and accelerate time to market.

Tutorial: how to build a serverless microservice

Data Processing

Automate parts of your application by creating event-driven, scheduleable, responsive data processing pipelines.

Learn about the key features of Catalyst Data Store

Serverless APIs

Expose logic to client systems and third parties through well-defined REST API endpoints.

Check out Catalyst API functionalities

Serverless Web Applications

Create application logic, manage databases, and host websites on Catalyst, without worrying about managing backend infrastructure.

Tutorial: how to build a serverless single-page web app

AI Solutions

Innovate and power up your application features with our AI/ML solutions powered by Zia.

Understand the key concepts of Catalyst AutoML

Mobile Applications

Empower your mobile applications by providing functionality seamlessly—like online datastores, analytics, and crash reporting—and focus more on the user experience.

Build serverless Mobile Apps that scale with Catalyst

Developer first. Developer friendly

Catalyst strives to provide a seamless experience to developers, which is why we've handcrafted tools with every kind of developer in mind


    Speaks your language

    Create serverless functions in your favorite languages, like Node.js and Java.


    Deploys from anywhere

    Use your favorite code editor or give our online version a spin. Then test and deploy it with our powerful CLI, or from the Catalyst site.


    Ship with confidence

    With separate sandboxes for development and production, always be sure to ship a well-tested build to your users.

Your ideas don't need a server—they need a Catalyst

Start your serverless journey with Zoho Catalyst

Start Building for Free

Pay nothing till you deploy the project to productionGet a free, full-featured SandboxGet up to 125 million invocations free *

*Free for the first year upon deploying your first project to production and considering single credit operations like Select Query in DataStore and heavy usage pricing