Bulk Delete Rows

API Description

This API enables you to delete records or rows of data in bulk from a specific table in the Data Store. The table is referred by its unique ID or name.

The bulk delete operation can delete a maximum of 200 rows in a single API call. You can choose the rows to be deleted by passing the unique ROWIDs of those rows as params in the request URL, as shown in the sample request.

You must include at least one ROWID, and can include upto 200 ROWIDs, in the request.

Request Details

Request URL


project_id - The unique ID of the project

tableIdentifier - The unique ID of the table or the table name

row_ID - The ROWIDs of the records to be deleted as params. Multiple ROWIDs must be separated by commas. The parameter key name must be ids

Request Header

Authorization: Zoho-oauthtoken 1000.910***************************16.2f****************************57

Request Method




Response Details

The response contains the data of all the rows that were deleted through the operation, including meta information like the ROWID, CREATORID, MODIFIEDTIME, and CREATEDTIME.

SDK documentation

Bulk Delete Rows- Java SDK

Bulk Delete Rows- Node.js SDK

Bulk Delete Rows- Web SDK

Sample Request

				curl -X DELETE \
https://api.catalyst.zoho.com/baas/v1/project/4000000006007/table/EmpDetails/row?ids=1028000000171815,1028000000171810,1028000000171805,1028000000171617 \
-H "Authorization: Zoho-oauthtoken 1000.910***************************16.2f****************************57"			

Sample Response

    "status": "success",
    "data": [
            "CREATORID": "1444000000003001",
            "MODIFIEDTIME": "2020-11-19 15:20:21:830",
            "Employee_Name": "Morgan Jones",
            "CREATEDTIME": "2020-11-19 15:20:21:830",
            "ROWID": "1028000000171815"
            "CREATORID": "1444000000003001",
            "MODIFIEDTIME": "2020-11-19 15:20:34:503",
            "Employee_Name": "Leena Medley",
            "CREATEDTIME": "2020-11-19 15:20:34:503",
            "ROWID": "1028000000171810"
            "CREATORID": "1444000000003001",
            "MODIFIEDTIME": "2020-11-19 15:20:42:314",
            "Employee_Name": "Tamira Shah",
            "CREATEDTIME": "2020-11-19 15:20:42:314",
            "ROWID": "1028000000171805"
            "CREATORID": "1444000000003001",
            "MODIFIEDTIME": "2020-11-19 15:20:42:314",
            "Employee_Name": "Julia McGregor",
            "CREATEDTIME": "2020-11-19 15:20:42:314",
            "ROWID": "1028000000171617"