Masterclass Webinar

Curated by our experts, the Masterclass webinar series focuses on business challenges and how leaders can solve them by unlocking the power of Catalyst.

  • Serverless Design Patterns and Antipatterns
    By Srividhya S Subramanian

    Learn about components of serverless designs and reusable architectural patterns. Get a better understanding of architecting serverless applications, the ideal patterns and best practices for serverless applications, and the anti-patterns to avoid.

    By Srividhya S SubramanianDeveloper Advocate at Catalyst
  • Impact of serverless on TCO
    By Gautam Varma

    Serverless technology can significantly reduce an organization's total cost of ownership (TCO) by abstracting infrastructure management.

    In this masterclass, learn how to evaluate and compare the true cost of building and running an application using a serverless platform such as Catalyst.

    By Gautam VarmaBusiness Development Manager
  • Breaking monoliths with serverless microservices to iterate faster
    By Srividhya S Subramanian

    Application modernization is a journey that gives existing monolithic applications the ability to deliver innovative capabilities rapidly while improving developer experiences.

    By Srividhya S SubramanianDeveloper Advocate at Catalyst
  • The key trends that will shape web development in 2022 and beyond
    By Srividhya S Subramanian

    In this Masterclass, learn to modernize your web applications with event-driven architectures, API-first approaches, and much more. As a developer, keeping up with these trends will help you innovate better, iterate faster, and differentiate yourself.

    By Srividhya S SubramanianDeveloper Advocate at Catalyst