Catalyst 101 Learning Series Webinar

This webinar series aims to help aspiring application developers learn the concepts, tools, and techniques required to build fully functional applications for businesses and enterprises using Catalyst.

  • Introduction to Catalyst

    In this Catalyst introduction session, you will learn the origin of the serverless concept and common use cases for serverless. We'll also take a brief walkthrough of the Catalyst platform.

  • Catalyst feature discussion: FaaS, BaaS and Orchestrate

    In this session, we will discuss the components of Catalyst and how to build and deploy apps on the go using serverless computation. We'll also cover orchestration design, ways to execute workflows, and how to manage the data in your serverless application.

  • Catalyst feature discussion: Zia services and additional components

    This session will provide a brief overview of the Catalyst platform, AI, APIs, and AutoML features, along with other services, like API Gateway, authentication, web client hosting, and much more.