Building a GitHub Bot on Cliq

Build an extension on Zoho Cliq using Catalyst Integration Functions, that enables you to access and work with your GitHub repositories using a Cliq bot

Generate a Personal Access Token on GitHub

Let us now generate a personal access token for the repositories in the Git account. A personal access token on GitHub functions like an OAuth access token and authenticates the access to the GitHub API.

You can generate a personal access token on GitHub in the following way:

  1. Navigate to your Git account settings, then Developer Settings. Click the Personal access tokens menu, then click Generate new token.
  2. Select repo as the scope. The token will be applicable for all the specified actions in your repositories.
  3. Click Generate Token.

    GitHub will display the personal access token only once. Ensure that you copy the token and store it in a safe space.

We will use this token in the Integration function's code, which will enable Catalyst to fetch necessary information about the repositories from GitHub.