CRM Connector Application

Build a Lead Manager application that connects to your Zoho CRM account using Catalyst connector, and enables you to view, create, update, or delete leads from the Leads module directly

Enable Zoho Sign-in

The Lead Manager application contains a login page where you must provide valid credentials to access your Zoho CRM account. You can implement a signup functionality for this application by yourself, if needed.

Otherwise, you can also integrate the Zoho sign-in feature that will enable you to sign in to the client application directly using your Zoho account.

To configure Zoho sign-in for the Lead Manager application from the console:

  1. Navigate to Authentication under Develop, then click the Sign-in Method tab.
  2. Click the toggle switch for Zoho sign-in provider.

    This will open a pop-up window.
  3. Enter the client name as "LeadManagerApp", then click Save.
    Note: You can enter any name you need. However, because we will be using "LeadManagerApp" as the client name while initializing it in the CLI and while registering it in the Zoho API console, we will use the same name here.

Zoho sign-in will now be available for the client application.

We have now configured all the necessary components from the console. Next, we'll be working on coding the application from our local system.